RSCDS Calgary Branch Member Workshop Support

The RSCDS Calgary Branch Board of Directors is pleased to announce an extension of our pilot project, using Casino funds, to support our members to attend workshops, as funds allow.

Active RSCDS Calgary members may be reimbursed up to $400/person (max $200/event) per fiscal year for SCD and/or SCD musician workshop registration and accommodation costs that are outside of Calgary and within Alberta. This reimbursement is contingent upon the continued receipt of Casino Funding and as such, all Alberta Gaming Liquor and Cannabis (AGLC) funding use rules will be adhered to. This is subject to annual reviews for fund availability, budget reviews, and AGLC rule updates.

Reimbursement Includes:

  • Workshop portion of the registration at the early bird rate
  • Accommodation at the host hotel’s preferred rates for the workshop
    • SCD and/or SCD music classes must be taken for accommodation costs to be paid

Reimbursement Excludes:

  • Meals
  • Ceilidhs, Evening Dances & Balls
  • Travel
  • Workshops of any type held within Calgary and surrounding area
  • Workshops of any type held outside of Alberta

Requirements for Payment of Reimbursement:

  • Completed Workshop Reimbursement Form (one form/person)
  • Receipt for classes
    • Participation in a minimum of 2 hours of classes taught by a SCD Teacher or SCD Music Teacher
  • Receipt for accommodations
  • All of the above noted documents are to be submitted to the treasurer (in person or via mail) within 30 days of the workshop. Couples may use a single form to submit their receipts together.
  • Receipts submitted after the close of the fiscal year (Apr 30) will not be reimbursed unless the workshop took place in April.


RSCDS Calgary Branch Workshop Reimbursement Form